Meet Sarah


Hi! I’m Sarah Ramsden, a Toronto based Nutritionist who works with people who are tired of feeling sick and tired. I get results using nutrition and lifestyle changes, resolving everyday health complaints you have come to accept as a normal part of life.

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Work With Me


Exhaustion, headaches, bloating, stress, PMS, cravings, frequent infections, constant hunger, skin issues, poor memory? These are the kind of things that are so common we accept them as being normal, but there’s no need to continue experiencing these symptoms!

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How Can Obsessive Dieting, & Exercise Addiction Affect You?


Today I want to introduce you to my partner in crime, work wife, and friend, Summer Innanen. In our last episode of S&S TV we talked about my health history, and how I don’t’ let chronic illness rule my life. This time we turn the tables, and I interview Summer about her history with depression, [...]




Why It’s Not Always About Food


You or someone you know might be dealing with a chronic illness, and wondering if there are natural means you can take to help you either eliminate, or significantly reduce it’s impact on your daily life. You may have dabbled in changing your diet, or you may have fully committed to a dietary makeover and [...]


Knowledgable Consumers


The Top 8 Ways to Find High Quality Meat

The Top 8 Ways to Find High Quality Meat

In my article The Importance of Meat Quality & What to Look For I talked about the different meat qualities that lie on a continuum from traditionally farmed, to the industrialized meat we find in our everyday supermarkets. While I believe that buying my Four Star meat recommendations is one of the best places you [...]




Is Your Smoothie as Healthy as You Think?

Is Your Smoothie as Healthy as You Think it is?

Smoothies are healthy right? Well at least that’s what we’re led to believe. Throw some fruit, spinach or kale, some kind of milk or yoghurt, with a smattering of super foods like chia seeds, goji berries, mulberries, and a dash of protein powder… and it’s labeled healthy. But is it? Today Summer and I discuss [...]