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Personal Coaching

Friends, family, the media, and society in general are the conditioning voices in our ear telling us what success is, where happiness comes from and what it looks like, and who we’re expected to be.

But if you’re going to make choices you can live with in the long run, YOU need to be the one calling the shots.


If you want them to be personally sustainable, you have to choose things you genuinely want.

  • You need to take more of an independent attitude.
  • You need to be a little more rebellious.
  • You need to step away from all the external influences.

Step off the path we’ve been told you should be on, and really consider what you’ll do with this precious life you’ve been given.

If you heard my talk at TEDx Parksville, this will all sound familiar to you…and yes, it all sounded great, until you left the event and you were left wondering “But wait, HOW”? 

This is where coaching comes in. I could spend a lot of time describing it to you, but the best way to learn what it’s all about is to experience it.

I am offering members of my TEDx audience 30% off a 1 hour session with me.

This works out as $70 instead of my usual $100. Send me a quick note to sarah (at) and we’ll make it happen!

We can get a lot done in an hour, but real change happens when you work with me longterm.

Over 3 months you get four 45 minute sessions a month, practical action steps to complete between sessions, make a whole lot of personally sustainable choices, and dramatically change your life. Your investment is $960, paid monthly.

I offer student rates to those who are curious and keen to commit to the coaching process. Just ask!

Remember… you only live once.