Why Your “Authenticity” is BS

There’s authentic Canadian maple syrup tapped in Quebec, authentic Van Gogh paintings painted by the Post-Impressionist master himself, and authentic Champagne from the Champagne Region in France. Authentic people? I call bullshit I know you consider yourself to be an authentic person. We all do. […]

Tackling Post Recovery Blues

Like an ice cream maker churning deep in my stomach, the relationship with my leading man no longer felt right anymore. The sad fact was, that since recovering from brain surgery I had started questioning everything. Nothing was safe. In rather dramatic fashion, I wanted […]

Are You Waiting Until New Years?

Yeah I know what you’re thinking, we’re nowhere near New Years right now. That’s precisely my point. What exactly are you waiting for? I know you’ve done this, we’ve ALL done this at some point. In December we start thinking about what our New Year’s […]

Your First Step Post Recovery

The night before I went back to work, I found myself bawling my eyes out in the shower. I felt like I was crazy because I should have felt happy my brain tumour had been successfully removed. My health was getting back on track, and […]

My Story: Turning Adversity into Hope

Life is precious. If anyone know’s this, it’s YOU. Because when you’re 80, you want to be able to look back on your life with a gentle smile on your face and no regrets. I’m with you on that. So this week I recorded a […]

3 Strategies to be Yourself

“Just be yourself, you’ll do great”. I’m sure just like me, you’ve heard this so many times you never stop to consider what this really means. Another classic is, “Be your authentic self” which frankly makes me want to stab myself in the eye with […]

What Does Your Future Hold? You Decide

You’re not invincible. If anyone should know this, it’s YOU. Cancer, depression, even severe debilitating eczema; whatever your poison you know what it’s like to suddenly realize you’re not impervious to health problems. When I was rolled into that operating room for brain surgery, terrified, […]

What Your Medical Records Don’t Say

I have special folder, shoved deep in the dusty depths under my bed. It contains all my medical notes from around the time I was diagnosed with a brain tumour and multiple sclerosis. Inside those pages are all the things the doctors did to get […]

Is There a Silver Lining to Health Issues?

I had this incredible realization the day I got home from hospital after having had brain surgery. I was sat on my leather sofa, and I distinctly remember being in a daze because, well, someone had touched my brain just two days earlier. Despite that, […]

This is an Essential Practice After Major Illness

The honest-to-god truth is when I got home from brain surgery, all I could think of was the fact I had three months off work. I had three glorious months off from my life, and all I had to do was take it easy and […]

Is Your Support Network Doing You a Disservice?

Your friends and family have been there every step of the way. They’ve held your hand, been a shoulder to cry on, and been there to offer advice whenever you need their support. Health issues are not something you should have to go through on […]

Finding the Right Answer For You

Going to the farmers market every Saturday morning is a summer ritual in my house. There’s something refreshing about buying your food directly from the person who grew it. My favourite farmer has uncompromising farming standards, but he also likes to hand out good life […]

Are You On This Rollercoaster?

Change can be difficult: Moving all your accounts to another bank, changing jobs, or finding yourself single again. Finding YOU’RE the one who’s changed is even harder to wrap your head around, especially when you didn’t ask for it. The turmoil it can put you […]

Leading a Double Life?

What I could never understand was how the people at The Daily Planet couldn’t tell that Clark Kent was actually Superman. And Lois Lane, why couldn’t Lois see they were the same person? I mean, a pair of nerdy glasses and a spandex suit aren’t […]

What the Eiffel Tower Taught Me

I was in Paris, the city of lights, the home of true sophistication, and the birth of romance. Standing in line at the base of the Eiffel Tower I eagerly waited my turn to go to the top and see the magnificent panoramic views. As […]

Is This Bad Habit Wasting Your Time?

When I was a runner doing half marathons, I would always break up the race into smaller chunks. I’d use the technique called ten and ones where you run for ten minutes, and walk for one. In each of those minutes walking I’d have a […]

6 Ways to do More Than Just Survive

The common way to say it is “I’m a brain tumour survivor”, “I’m a breast cancer survivor”, “I recovered from debilitating hashimoto’s”, “I manage multiple sclerosis”. Surviving and managing is great, but there’s more to recovery than reaching these milestones. Survival is just the beginning […]

12 Lessons From Brain Tumour Survivors

I’m a brain tumour survivor, and it has changed absolutely everything in my life. EVERYTHING. And I still experience the side effects years later. This weekend I got to hang out with 14 fellow survivors, and many others who’re currently being treated. You have much […]

Have You Tried This Healing Modality?

If you’re anything like me, you’ve got a bit of a health history. But if you feel like your health issues are still very much here, if they are FAR from being history, then this is for you. It could be Hashimoto’s, multiple sclerosis, or […]

Unexpected Lessons From Taking Sick Leave

As I walked back into the office for the first time since brain surgery, for the first time in over 3 months, I felt like a stranger in a strange place. The office was full of new faces, but to them I was the new […]

Why a Flashlight is the Key to Overwhelm

Have you ever experienced complete and utter darkness, with only a flashlight to guide the way? When I moved from the city to the country, I experienced a truly dark night for the first time in my life. Without street lights, a flashlight was an […]

Will You Regret This At 80?

Helping people is my thing, it’s pretty much what I was born to do. It adds so much meaning to my life, knowing that my support can make all the difference to someone. But it wasn’t always this way, I didn’t always know this was […]

How to Prioritize What’s Most Important

As I started to fall asleep, my bed started to sway as if I was on a boat at sea. It was almost imperceptible, but it was there. It was a small earthquake, just like the ones I’ve experienced in Toronto, Los Angeles, and on […]

Practical Tips for Life Post Recovery

My Google search history looked like someone else’s, someone I didn’t know. “Naturopathic school”, “cost of studying holistic nutrition”, “prerequisites for osteopathy”… But all my husband had to say was, “If you want to be a nutritionist (or anything else I was Googling at the […]

6 Unexpected Reasons to Trust Your Intuition

My spidey senses were screaming “NO NO NO”, but I didn’t listen, and instantly regretted it. I was right, it wasn’t safe, and I was suddenly aware of a man walking behind me. “RUN!”, said a voice in my head. But it was too late. […]

5 Things To Consider When Work Isn’t Working

The shower is a good place to cry if you don’t want anyone to know about it. “Oh my eyes are red? Must be my new shampoo!” I’d just had 3 months off work to recovery from brain surgery, and was due to go back […]

Are You Using this Demeaning Word?

Which word do you use that makes you feel obliged? Which word is a secret sign you don’t want to do what you’re about to do? Which word are you using multiple times a day, that strips away your ability to commit to what you […]

I Double Dare You!

I see you there filled with uncertainty, looking back scarred by what you’ve been through, yet cautious about moving forwards. The memories of the diagnoses, the tests, the appointments, and the FIGHT, are all too clear in your mind. But you’ve drawn a line in […]

The Weirdest Thing I Did To Manage My Health

“You can inject Betaseron every other day, or you can take Gilenya orally to manage the multiple sclerosis,” said the neurologist.   I didn’t like the sound of either of them. At the age of 31, the thought of being reliant on medication for the […]

3 Ways to Know What’s Stressing You Out

The height of the aeroplane hanger loomed over me. The massive sliding doors were open just a crack, and I tentatively walked in. As soon as I was inside, the doors slid shut and I was drowning in the darkness. “I’m still in here!” I […]

What Is Your Personal Definition of Success?

Suddenly I’d had enough. I pulled my boss into a meeting room, and said, “I quit, I can’t do this anymore.” Just like that, I handed her my 6 figure income, the commute, the overtime, and the thankless clients. I was tired of making rich […]

5 Ways You’re Being Incredibly Selfish

The safety instructions on planes always used to puzzle me. “Put your own oxygen mask on first.” I always wondered about the young children, and the elderly, shouldn’t we help them first? Being told you’re selfish might be the most shameful thing ever You’ve been […]

Your Biggest Valentine’s Day Mistake

You’ve been focusing on your health for so long you feel like time stood still for you, while the rest of the world carried on with its day to day business, and you’re frantic to make up for it. You feel like you’ve lost time […]

What’s The Greatest Insult Of All Time?

“Uuugh, you’ve changed.” “It’s not you, it’s me.” “I barely recognize you anymore.” When you’re told you’ve changed, they don’t mean it in a good way Your friends really don’t get why the social butterfly they used to know, would now prefer a quiet dinner […]

Is Fear of Relapse Ruining Your Life?

I tend to forget I have an MS diagnosis. I forget that I had a brain tumour, and it’s just as easy to forget I had brain surgery. I have titanium plates and screws in my skull, and I forget about them too until they […]

5 Incredible Gifts of Life-Changing Illness

My head scans were clear, and the doctor had given me the ok to go back to work, yet there I was, standing in the shower bawling my eyes out! What on earth was wrong with me? All you want is to get back to […]

3 Strategies to Live Big After Illness

I quit my career, left my marriage, went back to school, started a new career, moved across the country… My life after a brain tumour, brain surgery, and multiple sclerosis reads like a laundry list of major life changing events. It sounds like I snapped […]