24 Tips to Fight the Fear of Relapse

You fought hard to regain your health, but how do you soothe the fear or relapse, when you can’t erase the vivid memory of your health history?

The problem is:

  • You’ve Googled the hell out of your diagnosis, and you know what it’s like to fall down the darkest of internet black holes.
  • Even though your health is stable again, you’re petrified of what your body could do next to betray you. Could it come back, could it get worse?
  • You look forward to the day where the sadness and fear of your illness isn’t the first thing you think about when you wake up.

What would it be like to stop worrying about relapse, and to get on with turning this second chance into the most exciting and meaningful time of your life?

“There’s lots in there to act as a good reminder to live for now, and how to practically achieve that. I really find practical tips like this incredibly useful, something I can go back to when I am having those ‘wobble’ moments.” – Vicki

In this free guide you:

  • Get 24 tips to learn how to live your life TODAY, despite your health history.
  • Learn how to push away the panic, so you can feel like yourself again.
  • Focus on the present, plan for the future, and find the joy and beauty in your life.

You can’t predict the future, and you can’t change the past, but you can change how you live RIGHT NOW. 

Don’t let fear of relapse grip you so tightly, you let your life go to waste. Sign up now to get “24 Tips to Fight the Fear of Relapse”: