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Post Recovery Coaching

You are a fighter, a woman who’s taken charge of their well being, and recovered from major health issues. Maybe it was depression, cancer, or an autoimmune disease that’s finally under control… whatever the diagnosis YOU’VE WON!

But if ONE more person calls you a hero, or says you’re so inspiring and strong, you’re going to scream blue murder. You simply did what you had to do.

Thankfully, you’re finally “BACK”.

But as good as it is to feel better, as good as it is to have your life back, you’re confused because your old “normal” isn’t cutting it anymore. What’s frustrating is you’ve already gone through SO much…

And now THIS.  

You are NOT alone. Research shows that 53-63% of women who go through stressful health problems feel like they’re a different person afterwards.


These will sound familiar:

  • Your interests and priorities have completely changed, from a disgust for being paid to make rich corporations richer, to dreaming of living where you can bask in the sun on the beach every damn day, to ditching second servings of cake for extra kale.
  • You don’t even recognize yourself, and feel like you’re throwing your precious life in the garbage. Thanks to your health history, you’re stuck under a dark cloud playing it safe.
  • You can’t talk about it with just anyone, yet feel ashamed for “filtering” what you share with people. Now you’re living in your own protective bubble where no one can join you  – completely alone and isolated.
  • You are so DONE living on autopilot and ready to stop wasting time, and start living life according to what’s really REALLY important to you (even though you’re not 100% certain on what that means yet).



“The hardest thing about recovering from major illness is that nobody seems to understand how much your victory really changed you. But Sarah does”

– Holly Higgins

Imagine the freedom in being unapologetically yourself

In Post-Recovery Coaching you:

  • Rediscover YOUR priorities in life so you can be the outdoors enthusiast you truly are and go to “church” in the woods, build relationships where all that’s needed is a knowing glance, or turn down that enviable promotion in favour of time with your kids. 

  • Learn how to make positive and conscious choices so you can stop drifting along following the unwritten rules you’ve been taught by your friends, family and society in general. You might become a rebel, but you’ll be a rebel without regrets moving to Sydney, Australia for your dream job, or starting a business based on the interest that’s been filling your bookcase for years, or penning the novel you’ve written 10 times in your head.
  • Find the courage to actually be YOURSELF, so you can stop doing things out of obligation. That’s probably going to mean cutting some people out of your life, letting go of all of the shits you give, and being brave, among other things. But you’ll feel like you’ve won the lottery ten times over.


You fought a big fight, now live a big life.


You can get started right away. Book a free, no obligation, 30 minute session to experience Post Recovery Coaching by sending me a quick note to sarah (at)

Think this will work for everyone else but NOT FOR YOU?

You’re sitting there reading this nodding your head and wanting this SO badly, but you’ve already dismissed it because it couldn’t possibly work for YOU. Plus there’s a little voice in the back of your head saying this is all a passing phase, and you should wait and see how you feel in a few months.

The hard truth is nothing is going to change unless you take a leap. Those feelings will only going to get louder and more insistent that you listen.

You SAY you’re grateful for your health, but you’re not feeling it in your bones and you’re not using your health experiences to inspire you to do anything different with your life. That hard earned appreciation is drowning under your envy, as you compare yourself to others around you who haven’t had to go through same health issues.

You telling yourself you’re “fine”, but that’s just a way to avoid doing anything about it. If anyone knows how precious life if, it’s you. Stop wasting it.


emily“Coaching with Sarah has helped me feel more secure in myself, and has given me a sense of confidence I have never had before.”

– Emily Stephan


Post Recovery Coaching helps when your health history has changed more than your medical records, it has fundamentally changed you as a person. Coached by a brain tumour survivor that’s also managing multiple sclerosis, I know EXACTLY what you’re going through.

Stop wondering if you’re making the best of this second chance, and turn it into the most exciting and meaningful time of your life.


Have questions? Shoot me an email to sarah (at), I’m happy to help you in any way I can.

Get started by emailing me a quick note to book a free, no obligation, 30 minute session to experience Post Recovery Coaching for yourself.

The nitty gritty

Post Recovery Coaching is a three month commitment, with 4 45 minute sessions a month.

More Praise for Post Recovery Coaching

Praise_hollyHolly Higgins says:

“In 2014, I healed severe depression and anxiety through dietary and lifestyle changes. As someone who had been told she would be on multiple medications for the rest of her life, I was ecstatic. I was finding levels of health and happiness that I’d never experienced.

But with that victory came a lot of confusion. In order to heal, I had to completely reshape my life, and I no longer recognized the person staring back at me in the mirror. I had new interests, new priorities, and I was no longer satisfied with my job. Though I was so much happier and healthier, figuring out the “new me” sucked, and I felt alone and isolated.

When I heard about Sarah’s Post-Recovery Coaching, I instantly knew it was what I needed. Nobody in my real life truly understood the transformation I went through, and I was longing to be heard by someone who “got me.” I also wanted help navigating difficult life choices, so I signed up. I didn’t really know what to expect, and to be honest, I was a little nervous!

Four months later, I can say that I’m really glad I did. Sarah has helped me define my true values and step forward in my life with confidence. She’s helped me focus on some big goals, and more importantly, she’s taught me to be gentle with myself — something that’s never been easy.

The hardest thing about recovering from major illness is that nobody seems to understand how much your victory really changed you. But Sarah does, and she will help you make the most of this second chance. Don’t ignore the little voice in your head — if it’s telling you that Post-Recovery Coaching is right for you, it probably is!” 


emilyEmily Stephan says:

“Before I started coaching with Sarah I felt lost. I knew the general direction I wanted to go, but had no idea how I would get there, or what the first steps were. I had spent so much time worrying about the past, I couldn’t even think about what would make me happy.

I had considered coaching in the past, but was unsure about talking to someone about such personal things. I was nervous at first because I was unsure what to expect, but Sarah made me feel totally at ease.

She helped me regain my passions for my life, and helped me figure out how I could bring these into my future career. Coaching with Sarah has helped me feel more secure in myself, and has given me a sense of confidence I have never had before. She has helped me find the courage to be myself, to face fears, and live a more honest life.” 


praise_emonyEmony Nicholls says:

“Coaching with Sarah has helped me realize that taking an alternative route in the work world from high pay and ‘respectable jobs’ is not a crazy choice and, indeed, is one to celebrate and worth pursuing with my head held high. My former job was in a large corporation that was very centred on making money for the company and pleasing the clients regardless of how much it cost the consultants physically and mentally.

With Sarah’s help I am moving in the direction of deciding with my heart instead of my bank account as the primary driver! I have also come to a more accepting place of my myself and my skills, especially with my ADD being viewed as a strength and not a hindrance.
I was so thrilled when I learned what Sarah’s skills were and was excited to sign up with her. It’s been a very helpful process, aiding in acceptance of my situation, feeling better about the changes in my life, looking at my skills and focusing on what my heart is calling me to do.” 

Research shows that people who can find benefits in the health experiences they have been through have a lower likelihood of recurrence, and have better overall health.

What is holding you back?

Get started by booking a free, no obligation, 30 minute session to experience what Post Recovery Coaching is all about. Don’t worry it’s free and there’s no pressure to sign up. Send me a quick message to sarah (at) and we’ll set it up.