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The Values Roadmap Session

You are a freakin’ fighter. You took that damn diagnosis into the boxing ring, and you punched its lights out. Depression, cancer, or an autoimmune disease, whatever the it is, YOU just won the last round.

It’s a relief to be on a winning streak but something feels “off” in your life, and you can’t quite pinpoint what.

You’re all the things you’re supposed to be…. you’re honest, just, principled, fair, hard-working, and compassionate.  

But when you lay down to sleep at night you lie there, mind racing because you don’t know who the hell you are any more.

If the fight of your life has taught you anything, it’s that there’s so much more to who you are than being who people tell you to be.

These will sound familiar:

  • You always do what others say turning you into a serious people pleaser. You say “yes” to everything even if that means baking cupcakes for a fundraiser at 2am.
  • You feel hideously guilty when you say “no’, even though you’d literally have to clone yourself to say yes. The exhausting sense of obligation is holding you captive no matter what you do.
  • You suffer from serious fear of missing out! With so many interests, goals, and ideas you feel like you have a mosquito buzzing around in your head that’s pushing you in a million different directions. Everything gets started, nothing gets finished and you’re a frazzled mess.


You simply CANNOT do this anymore. You’re wasting your second chance in life.


What would you accomplish if you had the confidence to live your life on YOUR terms, not the ones set by your family, friends, your job, and your health?

How would it change your day if you no longer worried what everyone else thought?

What would it be like to stop second guessing yourself?

praise_sarah“I use my Values Roadmap as a tool when making important decisions plans, moves and so on, to make sure that what I do is in line with my values and therefore truly feels right for ME.”  

– Sarah Ehsani

If you don’t take the time to truly know yourself, you can’t actually be yourself. This is where coaching comes in.

Thanks to the 90 minute Values Roadmap Session:

  • You’ll chase the excitement that hits you in the chest when you say NO to what is expected, and YES to YOU.
  • You’ve cleared out the clutter and found peace in focusing solely on the things you love the most. It could mean spending your weekends hiking solo, to hosting cosy wine tasting dinners for your closest friends, or dedicating a corner of your living room to your easel and paints. Whatever it is, it’s so classically YOU.
  • You’re no longer plagued by the racing thoughts brought by “what-ifs” that wake you at 4am, because you know exactly how to win at life on YOUR terms.


Permission has been granted. You say YES and NO with absolute certainty because after all these years you have TRUE freedom of choice.


After your session, you will receive your personalized Values Roadmap defining your top five values. It will give you the signs you’ve lost touch with what’s important to you again, and a reminder on how to navigate uncertain situations so you can stand firmly in what you believe in.

No more doing what you should do, it’s time to become fluent in what’s RIGHT FOR YOU.

Your health history has changed more than your medical records. It has fundamentally changed YOU. Coached by a brain tumour survivor who’s also managing multiple sclerosis, your coach gets it.

Trust you’ll always end up in the right place, even if you don’t know where that is right now. To sign up for the Values Roadmap Session send me a quick email to sarah (at) and we’ll get you set up!


Investment: $150

More Praise for the Values Roadmap Session


“I am pretty introverted and kind of a loner. But through my work with Sarah, I discovered that connection — or being around people who bring me joy — is actually one of my highest values. I would NEVER have guessed this, but since my discovery, I have been able to make some big shifts.

Now, I won’t make decisions without consulting my Values Roadmap. If something isn’t serving my values, it probably isn’t worth my time. The session made it easier to make decisions with confidence, cut the clutter from my life, and really feel at peace with myself.”

–  Holly Higgins



“This session helped me discover my subconscious values, those qualities about myself I hadn’t recognized, giving me a renewed sense of self. Now I use my Values Roadmap as a tool when making important decisions plans, moves and so on, to make sure that what I do is in line with my values and therefore truly feels right for ME.”  – Sarah Ehsani


Praise_laura“I was a little hesitant on finding out about what my values are, especially about being open and getting so personal about it. Luckily Sarah is kind, caring, compassionate, and a wonderful listener! The Values Roadmap Session had a mind-opening impact on me, and I found it to be incredibly liberating and insightful.”Laura Gray